Autosat® Inox Technology

Autosat® is the new generation shuttle ideal of the automatic storage of multi-depth pallets inside a traditional drive-in rack. Autosat® guarantees high density automatic storage allowing to take advantage of the warehouse volume to the fullest.

It proves all its effectiveness in the case of repeated emptying / filling in the same channel (eg: buffer areas management) and is able to work both according to the FIFO and LIFO logic. In addition to the simple storage, Autosat guarantees important functions of reordering, counting, anti-collision, manual management and many others.

The machine is available in three versions:

Autosat®: controlled by a simple multifunction radio control with led display.

Autosat® Inox Technology: designed for liquid loads, thanks to the steel structure it is completely stainless and washable.

Autosat® WiFi: controlled via Wi-Fi with WMS (Warehouse Management Software) communication between palmtops and LGV laser guided shuttles.

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The Advantages Of Autosat

1 Innovative high-performance lithium-ion battery: no memory effect, faster recharging, high number of recharging cycles, lightweight structure, removable battery
2 Fast and safe storage: fast and silent handling, operational speed, cutting-edge safety devices, effective self-locking system in raised position with load on board
3 Versatility adaptability to all drive-in structures: no modification to forklifts, suitable for all industrial sectors Working capacity up to -30°
4 High technology: innovative positioning with laser technology that avoids holes and cams on the guides, Vulkollan translation wheels for exceptional silence and greater acceleration
5 Better management of storage activities: the goods are always in front of the warehouse, avoiding damage to structures and goods
6 Optimization of spaces and internal costs